Hezell Montoya

Hezell Montoya

Licensed Medical Aesthetician/Certified Laser Technician

Hezell is a Licensed Medical Aesthetician and a Licensed Massage Therapist with over a decade of progressive experience. She is originally from Colombia, a country that has a leading edge in the beauty industry. For Hezell, growing up in Colombia is one of the reasons she developed a passion for beauty. She decided to follow her passion and 12 years ago became a massage therapist. She then decided to further her education, and seven years ago she became a medical aesthetician.

She joined the Hull team in 2011, and she feels very blessed to do what she loves. The beauty industry to her is more than a professional field. It is where she feels she can make her dreams come true. Working closely with patients and guiding them to achieve their beauty goals brings her the ultimate professional satisfaction.

For Hezell, continuing education is the key to succeeding in this industry. She has advanced training in lasers, CoolSculpting, Ultherapy, and skin care. She can provide you with outstanding information to help you design your beauty plan based on what your needs are. Her favorite treatments are chemical peels and skin rejuvenating lasers like Sublative and Picoway. These procedures transform skin appearance, and upon seeing their results, patients feel motivated to continue taking care of their skin.

Hezell has been happily married for 19 years, she loves her family and friends, and on her free time, she loves to spend quality time with her loved ones.