Millie Roberson

Millie Roberson, RN

Registered Nurse/Certified Laser Technician

Millie received her education from Arkansas State University and the Har-Ber School of Nursing, and joined Hull Dermatology in 2009. She has received extensive training and is certified in laser treatments and procedures. She serves as the laser specialist at Hull Aesthetics. Millie strives to always be current on what’s new in the world of laser therapy, aesthetic products, and treatments. Furthering her education in this regard is very important to her.

Millie has always been passionate about helping others, saying, “Nursing allows me to enjoy a variety of personalities while caring for the needs of each individual.” Millie is very enthusiastic about performing laser treatments for varied conditions. She loves that lasers are a modality that treat a wide range of patients, from those seeking aesthetic procedures to those with serious medical issues. Some of her favorite laser treatments are PicoWay Tattoo Removal, Sublative RF, and PicoWay Resolve.

Originally from central Arkansas, Millie enjoys spending time with her family and her two cats.